Themes to Work With

August 29, 2014 § 1 Comment

“Themes to Work With”

– a Euclid’s Flash


1. We are not the sole authors of our personal histories.File:Mrs Stannard with boys and baby, Congo, ca. 1900-1915 (IMP-CSCNWW33-OS12-20).jpg


2. Coming to the end of a process, but still unsure about two things: what will happen next? and has the process truly ended?

 File:India - Hyderabad - 043 - Buddhist caves theme area at Ramoji Film City (3920030419).jpg


3. Summer Nights. Ponds, Lakes, Rivers and Oceans. Stars. The Size of the Sky.

4. Two very different fabrics of memory: The poetry (and closure) of good memories. The anguish (and continuity) of bad memories. The good seems gone, though sweet. There is almost a scent, a sort of fleeting quality to the good memories – a sense that what was best can never be recovered. With the bad memories, there is a sense that something about them is impossible to escape. Bad memories tell a story about our character – they define us, so ineluctably, and brand us with the hot iron of a pain that still feels fresh within the space of memory.


Images from wikimedia commons. Words from the Euclid’s Crew. 



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